It's Officially Spring!

It's about time. This winter has been really, really hard.
First, the temperature was in the single digits for a month. Then we had freezing rain and just last week we were presented with two inches of snow.
I can't tell you how excited we are to welcome spring! We celebrated by taking our road bikes into the shop to get their bi-annual tune up and then we had ourselves a little barbecue. 
I have been craving a good cheeseburger since I got pregnant, but the fast food burgers just didn't sound appetizing. Unfortunately, this burger has ruined me for all other cheeseburgers. I will never settle for another average burger again. 

Aaron and I bought a fourth of a cow with my parents, and we have been enjoying pasture-raised, organic beef at about the same price as you would pay for cheap hamburger at Wal-Mart. We're pretty happy about that.

Our neighbors have a sweet grill they got for free on Craigslist. They let us use it whenever we want, which is really nice of them. We have a smaller, older grill we could use, but just recently Aaron turned it into a charcoal/smoker thing. I have to say he made some amazing hickory smoked steaks the other night. What a hunk.

This was one tasty, juicy burger.
I made some homemade buns to top it all off and they were perfect. I'm including links to both recipes in case you are interested in going all out for you next grilling adventure.

How to Grill Juicy Burgers | The Kitchn
Hamburger Buns | All Recipes

P.S. I realize that we don't post many pictures of us, but to be honest I'm always behind the camera and Aaron loathes having his picture taken. As you can see the only part of his body he allows to be photographed is his hand.


  1. I don't need the recipe, I think next time I'll just come to your house and have some.....look amazing


  2. Of course :) We should definitely have a little barbecue before Aaron and I leave!