Bryce Canyon

After staying at Zions for two days, we traveled on to Bryce Canyon. I wasn't expecting such spectacular landscapes!!! 
Here is one of the few pictures we got of both of us together, luckily we found a person that was fairly skilled at using a DSLR camera. 


Our favorite part was the pillars, or "hoodoos." They are created by erosion, and are actually created fairly quickly. Of course, pictures just don't do them justice. You must visit them in person to get the full effect.

We went on the Queens Garden/Navajo Loop hike (about 3 miles) and along the way we stopped by to look at this man-made rock garden.

On our way back to Idaho we stopped by an Native American gift shop and bought some little moccasins for our papoose :) best souvenir ever!

Oh, and I took a video of this little chipmunk... By the way, I DID NOT feed the chipmunk! I just videotaped the criminal act.

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