Maternity Photos Sneak Peek

Well, Aaron and I are only one week away from moving into our little "cottage" in Seattle. We've spent the past two weeks living with our parents. 
If I didn't love my family and in-laws so much, I might feel a little let down since I graduated from college and a week later moved back in with my parents ;)
In any case, we had a blast! While we stayed with Aaron's parents, we saw the film 42 and then went to eat at The Bodacious Pig in Meridian, ID. We highly recommend both! They were amazing. I also had the opportunity to design a flyer for a non-profit organization (pubic school district scholarship program) and I sewed up a storm, and got some help from Aaron's mom, who is a wonderful seamstress. 

After a week in Fruitland, we drove to Nampa to stay with my family for another week. My mom, sister, and I did a lot of sewing and finished most of the cloth diapers we will be using when the babe arrives. I think the diapers are stinkin' adorable, but I can't vouch for their functionality for yet :)
Aaron studied diligently for his next actuary exam (averaging about 2-3 hours per day). He is such a hard worker! Even when we are supposed to be on vacation, he works hard to stay on track.
During the week with my family we did some barbecuing, bike riding, tennis playing, and bowling. I also got to do some photography tag-teaming with my mom at a wedding last weekend. It was such a gorgeous wedding and reception, and I got some quality practice with my new camera.

Oh, and did I mention my mom took us out for a maternity photo shoot? Here is a sneak peek!

You can see the rest of the pictures here.


  1. Heather is doing cloth diapering too, but she didn't make her own. I made some training pants for Micah. If you used babyville PUL, make sure to seal the holes made while sewing by putting them in a hot dryer for 20 minutes. I didn't know I had to do that with Micah's and they didn't work too well.
    Just a few more weeks! How exciting!

    1. Thanks for the advice! I'll have to ask Heather how it is going for her, I've heard a lot of good things about it, but I just won't know for sure until I actually try it for myself :)

    2. Heather loves it! If I weren't on my last baby, I'd probably do it too. If you don't like it, you could try using the brand Heather uses.

  2. So pretty- Hope you don't mind I pinned this beautiful pic on BabyList

  3. Tiffany, of course I don't mind, I should be thanking you! :)

  4. Hi!

    I came from pinterest and love this photo! I 'm very curious of where you bought that gorgeous dress? xo