40 Weeks - Full Term!

"It’s right around this time that there’s a slooow shift from you being perceived as a glowing woman that is creating life, into a fat husk that’s hoarding that adorable baby they all want to see."

- The Pregnant Chicken blog

That pretty much sums up how I feel right now...

Overall the past few weeks have been pretty good; my blood work has been the biggest issue, just because the platelet count fluctuates so much, but the OBs at University of Washington have ruled out any serious issues and have said that I look perfectly healthy. It's just a case of pregnancy-induced thrombocytopenia (low platelet count).

My mom and sister came on Wednesday to help me prepare and to give me some company, which I really need!
We have been making bows and bow ties and planning all kinds of fun stuff, like a birth announcement video (it is a complete experiment which may or may not turn out!).

At my prenatal appointment yesterday I asked the midwife if there is anything I can do to help the baby come a little faster so it can be here when my family and Aaron's parents are here. You could definitely see the amusement in her eyes, I'm sure she gets that question from every. single. mother.

Anyway, she said she could check my dilation and strip my membranes, if I wanted. We could also try evening primrose oil and acupuncture. However, if my body and the baby aren't ready yet the natural methods won't make much of a difference.

Aaron and I discussed it and although we are SUPER excited to see our baby and it would be convenient for it to come this weekend, we decided that it would be best not to push my body--or the baby--when it's not ready. We just had the feeling that we need to trust my body and be patient, so we decided not to have my membranes stripped, at least not yet.

However, after 41 1/2 weeks we're going to be a little more demanding ;)

Luckily, my body is getting prepared for childbirth: I was dilated 3 1/2 cm and 75% effaced 10 days ago (I didn't ask to be checked yesterday), and at the appointment yesterday the baby had dropped a whopping 3 cm into my pelvis, so it's just matter of patience at this point.

Since this will be one of my last posts about pregnancy, I thought I'd include a list of my essential pregnancy items. A few of these items are from other bloggers' lists and I found them very helpful.
It was really nice for me to know what has helped other women survive (and enjoy!) their pregnancies, so I hope this may help some future mommas :)

1 | Vitamin Code Prenatal Supplement
2 | Yogi Mother to Be Herbal Tea
3 | Coconut oil and natural bristle brush
4 | Toms Shoes
5 | Gap Maternity Supersoft Leggings
6| The 100 Healthiest Foods to Eat During Pregnancy
7 | Yoga for Pregnancy

1. I love these vitamins. They are naturally derived and they have ginger to help with morning sickness, as well as probiotics to help with digestion. They are a little pricey (about $40 for 3 month supply), but well worth it! Also, they are capsules which are digested in the stomach versus tablets which have to be metabolized by the liver. Which means is easier on your digestive system, especially during the first trimester.

2. This saved my life when I had morning sickness! Seriously, if I didn't have this once a day I would get nauseous and sick.

3. I haven't gotten any stretchmarks from this pregnancy and I attribute it to dry brushing and applying coconut oil to my skin. Before you boo me and say it's because I don't have the genes for stretchmarks let me explain: my mom got stretchmarks, and I have gotten random stretchmarks on my bum and thighs, so I know that genetics are not on my side! The only reason I can think of for not getting stretchmarks is my daily routine of coconut oil and bi-weekly routine of dry brushing.

4. Toms shoes are so comfortable for walking around! Plus, if you buy them at Nordstroms they have a lifetime guarantee. No joke. I told the clerk about my first pair wearing out and she said that as long as I have the receipt or the same credit/debit card I used to pay for them she could look it up and give me a new pair. Their return policy does not have a limit.

5. I only bought one pair of these, but I really wish I bought like 3 or 4. I wear these all the time because they are soft, stretchy, and they look classier than sweats.

6. I read this entire book all the way through and wished that I'd had it earlier in my pregnancy. It gives a list of healthy foods to eat during each trimester and breastfeeding.

7. I started getting mild sciatica during my first trimester, as well as back aches. So I decided to do yoga everyday and see if that helped (visiting the chiropractor once a week was not an option), and it really helped! I can't say enough good things about doing yoga during pregnancy. It helped my achy joints and back, and it really helped me relax. Even if it is just for 10 minutes a day it will help tremendously! I like this book because you can adjust it to what you want to do that day, as well as your skill level.


  1. 38 weeks this Sunday and still no stretch marks for me either--and I've been dry brushing/using coconut oil as well!!! :)
    We are also taking the same prenatals! The smell is kind of yucky, but I've gotten used to them at this point! And I love LOVE my Toms!

    1. Oh my goodness, I'm so glad to hear that the coconut oil/dry brushing worked for someone else!
      I really, really like the prenatals. They do smell weird, now that you mention, haha!