Seattle Cottage

This weekend I decided it was time to take some pictures of our little apartment, especially before the baby comes and I don't feel like cleaning or taking pictures of my mess :)

As I've said before, our apartment is 400 square feet; the whole apartment measures 20 x 20. 
The owners built this little cottage in their backyard, which makes it nice and cozy and secluded.
Here are  few pictures of the apartment, I didn't take pictures of everything (closet, cupboards, bed) because I honestly couldn't find enough space to position myself to get a good picture of it, or it just wasn't worth documenting. 

Some things I LOVE about the apartment:
  • high ceilings
  • lots of windows--one whole wall is completely glass
  • stylish design--window coverings, furniture, bathroom
  • outside view--tall trees, bushes, flowers
  • flooring in bathroom--it is made of wood slats that drain easily, which is great since there is not an actual shower, just a head sticking out from the wall (see picture below)

you can literally sit on the toilet (which is on the right) and take a shower at the same time!

as you can see, the wooden floor is actually a large drain, and the walls are completely tile,
so you can get the bathroom as wet as you want!

On the left you can see some evidence of our unmade bed,
and on the right (which you cannot see) is a large desk area with a flat screen TV and tons of cupboard space.
And some things I'm not so crazy about:

  • no oven
  • mini fridge that can fit only 3 days worth of food
  • no bathtub (postpartum recovery is not going to be as pleasant)
  • bed that is completely cornered between 3 walls (Aaron has to crawl over me in the night)
Overall, we love our little cottage! There are a few things that aren't so great, but they are easy to live with for 3 months. It's interesting how much you can simplify and live without.

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  1. Love it! We are going to be taking some very cute pictures in that room :)