A Morning Walk

 It seems that the only form of exercise I can do is walking. Well, it's actually more of a waddle now. I also do a very altered form of yoga, but for the sake of the yoga we won't even call it yoga. We'll call it stretching. Anyway, lucky for me Seattle is the perfect place for walking. The temperature is perfect (65-80 degrees) and the scenery is beautiful.

We live in the backyard of our landlords in a little 400 square ft apartment. They have some beautiful landscaping in the backyard, and I just couldn't resist taking this picture as I was putting my shoes on.

This is a view of the Maple Leaf area (Northern Seattle). Aaron went on a bike ride the other day and came back completely exhausted. He said he went down 98th st. Well, this is 98th street.
I was huffing and puffing just trying to walk back up the hill, let alone trying to ride a bike. 

A few blocks away from our apartment is a berry patch/trail/creek. It's actually a flood plain for the creek, but tons of raspberries and blackberries grow there. I can't wait for August when the berries are in season!

As you can see from the sign, you are allowed to pick berries and walk your dog simultaneously :)

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