The Cutest Baby on the Block

Remember how I said that this pregnancy has been free of complications?
Well, I spoke too soon. I had my blood drawn last Thursday and the midwives called on Wednesday letting me know that my platelet count was "incredibly" low. In November it was 176 and this last test was 91... Not dangerously low, but they wanted me to go into the Maternal and Fetal Medicine Clinic to get a second opinion.

My midwives wanted to make sure that my body was functioning properly before giving me the OK to deliver at the birth center, so they sent me to the Evergreen clinic to have more tests taken.

The nurses and doctor at the clinic were so amazing, seriously. They highly respect the birth center and midwives and they kept telling me that they were going to do everything they could to help me deliver there. The tests came back and showed that my platelet count has increased, and as long as the counts stay stable or keep increasing over the next couple of weeks there shouldn't be any problem delivering at the birth center. We feel so incredibly blessed that nothing is seriously wrong and that me and the baby are healthy.

 Part of the consultation was an ultrasound to make sure the baby was developing normally and to estimate how big it is. They asked if I know the gender and I told them we didn't. I asked if they see that very often, and they said it's about 50/50 (!!!). It must be much more socially acceptable here than in Utah and Idaho. However, the ultrasound tech did have to look at the gender to make sure the genitals were developed, so I closed my eyes while she checked. I asked "It's not a hermaphrodite, right?" She laughed and said "No, it's pretty obvious what gender it is."


The ultrasound went very well, besides the baby squirming all over the place :) It did its little practice breathing the entire time, which is really good! While we were looking at the face it started licking its arm, and at the end it gave us a big yawn! Oh my, I just about melted off the chair. So stinkin' adorable! Then, at the end of the session, it started doing some serious sucking. The tech and doctor estimate that the baby is about 6 lbs 2 oz, which puts it in the 15 percentile. They said it is just genetically a small baby, and I'm not complaining ;)

If we weren't in love enough with our little one before, we are now obsessed.
the chubby cheeks,
perfect little lips,
and button nose.

The clinic gave us a video of the entire ultrasound session (about 40 minutes) and Aaron was wishing we could watch just the highlights, so today I snipped and pasted and put together this 1 1/2 minute video of our sweet little babe!

Happy Father's Day, my love.
You're going to be the most caring, loving, adoring father in the whole world!


  1. Aww, seriously sweet lips! Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy, seriously. Anything can happen, but it seems you've got a great team of care providers who want the best for you and babe!

    1. Thank you, Sarah! Seriously, just when you think you have made it the whole 40 weeks something pops up that you didn't expect, but luckily the tests came back and showed that everything is normal and I have the go ahead to birth at the center. Which is a huge relief!