Summer in Seattle

So far this summer we have had quite a few adventures...
My family came to visit for the week of the Fourth, which happened to be very convenient since Sawyer was born on the Fourth :)

They bought a City Pass and went sight-seeing the entire week. If you are going to be visiting Seattle for more than a few days I would highly recommend buying the City Pass! It is much, much cheaper than paying separately for the most popular Seattle attractions. They said they really enjoyed all of the places they went!

Before I had Sawyer, Aaron took me on a surprise date (he is awesome at planning dates!). We went to the Ballard Locks and saw some very expensive yachts as well as migrating salmon. Highly recommend seeing the salmon during the summer months, plus it's free!
After going to the locks, we went to lunch at a delicious Mexican restaurant and then... A tour of the Theo Chocolate Factory!!! 

Oh my gosh you guys. Seriously, the tour was so cool! Theo is one of the few chocolate/confection factories that actually make the chocolate they use in their chocolates and candies. They buy cocoa beans from all over the world and then go through the process of making chocolate. We got to sample lots of different flavors and varieties of chocolate--did you know that cocoa beans have different flavors based on the soil that the cocoa trees grow in?! I.e. cocoa beans from Africa will taste slightly different than beans from South America.
Anyway, it was only $7 per person and it was well worth the money! It is a must-see if you are traveling to the Seattle area. 

Aaron and I have had such a wonderful time together before starting our little family. Aaron is so great at planning trips and adventures :) I'm so happy we get to spend eternity together!

However, after Sawyer was born we obviously haven't done anything too adventurous.

We went to a birthday barbecue for one of our new Seattle friends, which was only 10 minutes away from our apartment.

It was at Matthew Beach Park, which is a really neat park on the lake. 

Sawyer slept the entire 2 hours we were there :) I dressed him up all cute in a polo bodysuit expecting to be taking him out and showing him to the world, but alas he was a sleepy boy.

 This weekend we planned on going to explore Mt. Rainier, but it was too foggy.

We got to Puyallup and decided to turn around since we couldn't even see the mountains.
However, we did some exploring of Puyallup and Kent and went to Winco to buy some groceries.  We also tried Pho for the first time. It was actually really good! In case you haven't tried Pho before, it is a Vietnamese soup that is mainly a beef broth with lots of spices, noodles, and tender cuts of beef (and tendon if you ask for it!)

Of course, Sawyer slept the entire time :) At home he is awake most of the day, but as soon as we put him in his car seat to go anywhere he falls asleep and stays asleep for the majority of the time. Such a pleasant boy! We couldn't have asked for a sweeter, calmer baby.

In other news, at his 2 week well-baby check we learned that he has gained 1 1/2 pounds since birth. He is getting quite chunky :)

Aaron is studying hard for his actuary test that he will be taking the 3rd week in August. After working 8+ hours a day he comes home and studies for another 1-2 hours. His studying involves lots of practice problems that are so intense that he needs two calculators. Yes, two. In fact, he was explaining the pros and cons of each model of calculator and how he uses each one for different problems. I tried not to laugh out loud at his nerdiness.
Because of all the time he spends at work and studying it was hard for him to spend time with us. He can't really hold Sawyer and it's really distracting for me to try and talk to him, so we decided to pull out the baby wrap that I made and see if that helped solved the problem.

Ta da! Problem solved :) I have also found that the wrap is awesome for doing housework. I definitely recommend getting a wrap if you have a baby, it is a lifesaver!


  1. That last picture just made my day. I don't think I've ever seen a mad wearing a wrap. A Bjorn, maybe, but not a wrap. =)

    1. Before Sawyer was born, Aaron swore he would never wear a wrap, but he gave in! Haha it cracks me up :)

    2. Funny what fatherhood does to men. =)

  2. I LOVE that your hubby is wearing the wrap!! That is so awesome. Can't wait to show Ben that guys can 'rock' the wrap too.

    1. DO it! And let him know that Aaron loves the wrap. He constantly reminds me what a good investment it was.