Three Weeks

Sawyer is growing so fast! He is pretty long compared to his weight--at 2 weeks he was in the 85th percentile for height and the 50th for weight. But, the way he keeps eating he will be quite the chunky baby! I'm really excited because I LOVE chunky babies!

As you can see, he is growing a double chin :) 
Yesterday, I wrapped him up in a Moby and took the public transportation to downtown Seattle to have lunch with Aaron and meet his coworkers. It went so well!!! Sawyer slept  throught the entire bus ride and lunch, and as soon as we got to the office he woke up and was alert and quiet the entire hour and a half that Aaron showed him off to his friends. I have to say it was so cute to see Aaron so proud of his son. 

Besides loving to eat and sleep, he also loves to lay on the bed and look up at the skylight; that's what he's doing in the pictures above. He has started to make little cooing sounds, mainly when he eats. It melts my heart to hear him making his little happy sounds!
Aaron loves to turn on his music and have "dance" parties with him. These mainly consist of Aaron holding on to Sawyer's feet or arms and making little dance moves along with the beat. Sawyer also loves it when Aaron gives him some skin-to-skin contact while we watch a TV show. Sawyer will bury his head in Aaron's hairy chest and fall asleep.

We tried giving him a bottle yesterday and it worked out great! He has also accepted a pacifier quite well without any nipple confusion. We are so relieved!

Aaron and I love being parents! It is hard at times, but it is so worth it. We are so grateful for the sweet little spirit that Heavenly Father entrusted to us, and we are so excited to be there to watch him learn, grow, and develop into the person he is meant to be. 


  1. Aw, sweet! So glad you're having a good experience. The adjustment into motherhood can be hard. Remember to give him a bottle now at least once a week if you want him to accept it later on. =)

  2. Every time I read your blog I get SO excited to meet our sweet Jack. 39 weeks this Sunday!!

  3. That is awesome that the bottle was a success. I know Ben wants me to introduce bottles early so that he can get in on the feeding action.
    40 weeks this Sunday!!

    I tagged you in a post, I'd love it if you played along! :)