Farewell, Seattle!

I thought that I'd give one last update before we pack up our car and leave Seattle. 

We are sad to be leaving this beautiful city (and state). This is the only home Sawyer has known. He loves to be outside and enjoy the beauty of nature. Seattle is one of the most beautiful cities I have ever seen, and I love that it has left its mark on my son. As you can see, even when he is inside he loves to look out the window and wish he was outside. If you look close you can also see that his hair is growing back, and it's going to be dark and thick (just like his daddy).

Aaron's last day of his internship is tomorrow (Wednesday) and we will be leaving on Thursday morning.
Last Saturday he took his FM test (2nd actuary exam) and PASSED! He was also offered an on-campus internship through an insurance company. We feel so blessed with all the opportunities that Aaron has been given, and I'm so proud of how hard Aaron has been working; the past few weeks he has come home from work at 6 pm and then studied for his exam until 8:30 pm. Some days he didn't even get a chance to hold Sawyer, but now that he is finished he has had mounds of free time and we have been spending every free moment going out and about the city of Seattle.

My sister flew in on Sunday to help us pack up. She is such a sweetheart! We went to Gasworks park tonight and she snapped some family pictures for us. I love that we have some family pictures to remember our summer in Seattle.

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  1. Love the family pictures and the one of Sawyer looking out the window-such a cute expression on his face!! You have one hard working man! Glad he's getting a break!!