Two Years

Aaron and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary yesterday.
Last week we had lunch at Market Street Grill as an early celebration. It was so delicious (and expensive!). Definitely a once-a-year type of date :)

We spent most of our anniversary unpacking and organizing our apartment. However, we did try to make the day special by eating breakfast in bed, saying "I love you" every few minutes, watching some movies and cuddling on the couch (we really missed our couch), and then reading books to Sawyer before going to bed.

I am constantly thanking my Heavenly Father for such an amazing husband and father to our baby. We are just getting past the "honeymoon" stage where we realize that the other person can be messy, selfish, grumpy, and smelly :) but we love each other more than we can put into words. We are learning to forgive, forget, and love each other every day.
I feel so blessed that I have eternity to be with this amazing man.


  1. Happy Anniversary!! You guys have some gorgeous wedding photos!

  2. Happy anniversary!! Hope you are settling in nicely in your new place! Love the pictures!