Four Weeks

The little man is growing so fast...
At a postpartum visit on Tuesday he was 10 lbs 2 oz, which means he has gained exactly 3 lbs since birth! 
The midwives were quite impressed with his weight gain. 

Sawyer loves his nightly massages, especially his legs and feet. He just lays there and stares up at me and it really calms him down before bed. He also loves my singing :) it may not be very good, but he curls up on my chest and falls right asleep. These are the wonderful moments of motherhood that I have looked forward to all my life.

I have also started doing yoga and walking with him. He was really fussy when I put him in his swing, so I tried laying him on my yoga mat and doing my routine while he watched. He laid there and looked up at me with this sweet little face.

This week he also had some visitors! My gorgeous friend Laura came to visit on her way to Europe (she flew out of Seattle this morning) and my family came to visit for a couple days before his blessing on Sunday.

 Laura bought him the cutest outfits from Baby Gap. The one he is wearing says "bring on the puddles."
He peed all over it. Oh the irony.

Our neighborhood was having a social on Wednesday night so we all went to get free ice cream and look at the booths. Aaron had to stay at the apartment to study, so we went without him :(
Surprisingly, there was a greyhound adoption booth. In case you aren't aware, Aaron REALLY wants to adopt a greyhound someday. So I called him and let him know that there were a bunch of greyhounds in case he wanted to take a study break. He said "I'll be there in a minute." :)

There were all kinds of cool booths; face painting, balloons, ice cream, and snakes!
This is my youngest brother being a ham...


  1. I love the expression he is giving the camera on your yoga mat!!

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