Greenlake Park and Cupcakes

Our little family had a wonderful time in Portland this weekend visiting with both of our families for Sawyer's and Seth's blessings. Sawyer and Seth are cousins and were born 3 days apart! We decided it would be fun to bless them the same day and have a big get-together afterwards.

Before we left for Portland, my family drove up to Seattle to visit and see some more sights around the city.

One particular day we went to Greenlake park, which has an awesome paved trail and lots of docks and floating playgrounds. My family's toy poodle enjoyed really enjoyed the water, his name is Sadie. My family wanted a female, but they ended up adopted this little male poodle. For some reason they bought him a pink leash, named him "Sadie" and they always use female pronouns when referring to her (er, I mean him)... I guess they really wanted a female dog.

After walking around the park for a while, we finished off the day by walking over to Cake Envy for cupcakes and hot chocolate.

My mom and I are still editing the photos from the blessing, so they will be up the end of this week. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I know we did :)

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  1. My brother lives right outside of Portland and it is definitely my favorite place to visit! So beautiful there!!