Sawyer's Blessing

I have looked forward to my first child's blessing day for so long.

When I was younger I would day dream about how beautiful and special it would be to see my husband carry our baby up to the front of the church to give him his name and a father's blessing. Sawyer's blessing exceeding all my expectations; the church was filled with people that love him, he was calm and serene, and Aaron gave the most beautiful blessing that brought me to tears.

After the boys' blessings, we had a luncheon at Ashley's house (Aaron's sister) where we visited and mingled with many, many family members :)

My cousin, Heather, had a baby earlier this year as well. Sawyer has so many cousins and second cousins his age!
Baby Ava


Sawyer is my parents first grandchild; they are so thrilled to be grandparents!

Seth, Sawyer's cousin, was blessed 5 minutes before Sawyer. Earlier this year, my brother-in-law and his wife also had a baby, so all three of these babes will grow up together. I loved seeing these three side-by-side. They will have so much fun together!

Seth, Kaylee, and Sawyer
(the stereotypical gender response to being photographed)

Grandchildren are Grandpa Dave's pride and joy

On Saturday, we spent some time exploring the Portland area... Aaron's mom babysat Sawyer while Aaron and I went on a date :) We found a lot that is rented by a bunch of food carts and we tried a little something from each one. We loved "Fried Egg I'm In Love." Definitely worth trying if you're in Portland.
By the way, I do not usually take my camera on dates. I promised Aaron it would be a strict "no camera zone."

Later that day, a large group of us went on a steam engine ride.

Right after the train ride, the families with older children went across the street to an old amusement park. Aaron and I indulged ourselves with our second date of the day! Boy, do we love grandparents! The most reliable babysitters on earth :)

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