A Brief Update: The Worst Valentines Day EVER

I have failed to update everyone on what Aaron and I have been up to lately, although it's probably because our lives are pretty boring and, let's be honest, if you are going to take the time to read my blog it will most probably be to read about or see pictures of Sawyer.

In any case, here is what's going on in our lives...

Aaron has been studying for his actuary exam like a madman. With the exam only 2 weeks away he has been studying about 4-5 hours a day, on top of his classes at BYU. On Saturday he spent the entire day taking practice exams, and I'm not exaggerating; he finished his last test around 9 p.m.

It will only get worse once he has a full-time job. Welcome to the next 2-3 years of our lives.

Lately I have been researching and experimenting with meal planning, it's actually going quite well! It's taking me a while to organize and digitize all my recipes, but it will be worth it. I've also decided to drastically limit the amount of time I spend on the computer and phone. I did this already by getting off Twitter and Instagram, but I'm going a step further and only getting on Facebook and Pinterest 1-2 times a week. I have so many books and projects I see no reason to keep wasting time on the internet. Anyway, that's it for me :)

The only story I have to report is from Valentines Day. Aaron's professor that I endearingly refer to as the "murderer of love" scheduled a test on Valentines Day, and this test was going to take a long time, so instead of dinner Aaron took us out to breakfast. The cafe was actually closed, so we had to drive around town looking for somewhere delicious. Which we found :) Waffle Love in Orem, UT.
That was about the only good thing about the day.

Right after eating breakfast together, Aaron left for campus to study guessing he'd be back around 6 pm. That was at 11 am.

After getting Sawyer to sleep I made dinner and did some decorating. I waited, and waited, and waited. Finally at 8 pm I was too hungry to wait anymore so I started to eat the steak I made. If you are familiar with the steak tragedy that happened with Aaron's brother you will find this funny. I took too big of a bite of steak and it got stuck in my throat. Yes, this really happened.
I'm all alone on Valentines Day and I start choking. I tried to swallow, but I couldn't, and pretty soon my stomach was trying to get it out the other way. I was pretty scared, to say the least. I knew that our upstairs neighbors were home because they said they were ordering take-out, but at 8 pm in the evening I would rather die than barge in on their Valentine Day activities and demand the Heimlich while throwing up all over their floor.

I just relaxed (thank you Hypnobabies techniques!) and it eventually went down.

Aaron finally got home at 9 pm and looked tired and defeated. I asked how he did on his test and he simply replied "I think that is the first test I ever failed."

On a happier note, 80% of the people failed the test, and Aaron only spent 3 hours taking the test. One guy in his class spent 9 hours in the testing center.

So, that was our Valentine's Day. It was actually pretty funny and we'll be laughing about it for the rest of our lives.

*In case you don't know the story, my brother-in-law has a narrow esophagus and was eating steak and took too big of a bite. It got stuck in his throat and he ended up in the hospital with a torn esophagus, which actually has a high fatality rate (!!!)


  1. Adam actually got carne asada stuck on Thursday night. We had Sheralynn and her husband over for dinner, so at least there was an ER nurse there. But still, it took him about 30 minutes to get it down. Must be a horrible feeling!

  2. I love the idea of spending less time on the internet! It's a good challenge everyone should try!

  3. Please, please, please always interrupt us no matter what day it is if you're ever choking again! We were just watching cheers any way while we ate our takeout, there wasn't much to interrupt:)