A couple years ago I wrote a blog post about my brother serving a two year LDS mission in Rochester, NY. Well, he came back this week!
I have been so excited to see him, and for him to meet my little boy.

Aaron and I drove up to Idaho on Tuesday night. It was actually really stressful because Sawyer cried most of the time, which is totally bizzare since he usually loves the car. Anyway, after 6 hours of crying we were about ready to drop him off at my parents and then drive back to Utah, but we decided to keep him :)

Spencer's flight was supposed to get into Boise at 5 pm and we were all ready with a feast and a videographer to document the reunion, but then we got a call from Spencer letting us know that his flight was delayed and he wouldn't get in until 9:30 pm!!! Luckily the videographer is my cousin's wife and she was more than willing to wait, what a sweetheart!

When 9 pm rolled around we drove to the airport only to find out that his flight was delayed AGAIN! This time it was only 45 minutes. By this time the anticipation had already killed us and we just wanted him home.

When he finally walked through the doors it was 10:15, and we were exhausted from the wait, but so excited to see him! He is the sibling closest in age to me, and we were really close growing up. I missed him so much and I was looking forward for Sawyer to meet him for the first time.

I spent a week and half with my family, while Aaron was back in Utah studying for his actuary exam (Aaron left after a few days and I hitched a ride with my aunt and uncle a week later).

Sawyer and I missed Aaron a lot, so when our little family reunited after a week it was a happy day.

Family is the best, isn't it?

My husband is the one with the "pimp" mustache, in case you didn't recognize him

Sawyer LOVES being read to, although in this picture he is caught off guard by the flash

Sawyer and his Great-Grandma

 My dear friend Laura!

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