Actuary Exams and Other Fun Things (Like Pi Day)

Aaron passed his third actuary exam! Yahoo! Only 5 more to go...

In case you aren't aware of actuary exams, let me enlighten you.
Have you heard of the MCAT? BAR? CPA? Imagine taking 8 of those exams, only they get harder and more complicated.

It takes about 400-600 hours of study time to pass the BAR exam (plus 1500 pages of reading),
about 200-300 hours for the MCAT,
and about 150-180 hours for the CPA (these are just averages, obviously it varies depending on the individual).

I did a little research and found that the passing rate for the MCAT is 67%, BAR exam passing rate is about 60-70% (source), and CPA pass rate is about 50% (source). 

Compare that to the actuary exams that Aaron has taken:

For the lower level tests (there are 5 of them) it takes 300-500 hours of study time for each test.
Cuurently, he's studying for his 4th exam and that manual has over 1600 pages of delightful reading material.
And the pass rate is only 40% for the first exam.

Now you know why we are so excited he has passed 3 in the last year!

I'm so proud.

Besides actuary exams, we celebrated Pi Day by making 4 delicious pies to share with friends (strawberry balsamic, salted caramel apple, wild ginger strawberry, and chamomile custard).

We also fixed up our bike trailer and took Sawyer on a little ride around the block. We can't wait for warmer days to go on an adventure through the canyon.

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