Post-Trip Update

We are finally moved in and our internet is running... I thought this day would never come!

If you aren't following me on Facebook or Instagram, here is a quick update of our trip across the country.

First, we drove to Cheyenne, WY. However, there was a massive wind/snow storm that closed the freeway. Since we had a hotel reservation and didn't want to cancel, we drove down to Fort Collins, CO and then up to Cheyenne. The next day we passed 3 Semis and 1 RV that had been flipped over by the wind, crazy!

From Cheyenne we drove to Omaha, where we visited the Mormon Trail Museum. Sawyer dressed up like a little pioneer and rode in a handcart. He's pretty much the cutest baby in the world.

The next day we drove to Chicago and ate breakfast at the most amazing diner, The Little Goat Diner.

We stayed with my cousin and his family in Detroit and visited places from Aaron's mission. We went to the Eastern Market which was the coolest farmers market I've ever been to! We also went to the Henry Ford Museum with my cousin and his family. There were so many historical artifacts there, it was really neat.

Here is Sawyer and his cousin Penny. It was hard to get a good picture with them moving so much, hopefully they will meet again someday so we can get more :)

The final city before Hartford was Rochester, NY. We visited some historical sights of the LDS church; where the Book of Mormon was first printed, the Smith farm, and the Hill Cumorah.

That night we drove into Hartford and started looking for apartments. It was a long, but fun trip.
Sawyer did fantastic considering all the time we spent in the car. We brought books and finger foods (like rice puffs) that kept him occupied. He had a few moments of weakness, but overall he did a great job!

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