A Very Happy Birthday

We spent the Fourth of July holiday in Vermont where we went to the Ben & Jerry's factory and toured a sugar house, a farm where maple syrup is made. We also got to taste tons of delicious cheeses. Six year old cheddar? Yes please! Sawyer enjoyed the cheese tasting as much as we did.
There was one hiccup in our trip... While eating breakfast at a wonderful local diner, Sawyer fell forward and hit his head on the edge of the table. I took him out so the other customers wouldn't be annoyed, but soon after I left I saw that the tears coming from his left eye were bloody. I'm usually really good around blood, but when it's your baby things change. I got sick to my stomach and called for Aaron. He came out and took Sawyer so I could calm down. After more inspection we found that there was a small scrape by the corner of his eye, but no damage to the eye itself.

Luckily, Sawyer calmed down quickly and was happily sipping down some orange juice. The rest of the day went well, especially the sugar house where Sawyer met a cow and chickens for the first time.
At the Ben & Jerry's factory Sawyer had some lemon/lavender frozen yogurt and LOVED it (as you can tell from the picture below).

He also got to see fireworks for the first time, but he was less than impressed. In fact, he started to doze off halfway through. Lame. We were so excited for him to see fireworks. Maybe next year...
 Oh, and did I mention I forgot my camera. I FORGOT MY CAMERA. So the only pictures are from my phone :(

After we got back from Vermont we had a real birthday part for him.

He opened presents from grandma and grandpa and devoured a cupcake.

In this photo montage you can see how he progresses through the process of eating a cupcake...

First, he inspects the frosting.

Then, he took off his hat and attempted to use it as a utensil.

But then decided maybe the hat might taste good.

Nope, it just tastes like cardboard.

Back to the cupcake and frosting...

Ah, much better.

The cupcake and frosting were just perfect for a first birthday cake; Sweet, but not too sweet, and lots of fun for making a mess. Oh, and it took me less than 30 minutes to make the cupcakes and frosting.

Here are the recipes in case you are looking for something light and sweet for a summer treat (I promise I did not intend that to rhyme)

Vanilla Cupcake // Whipped Cream Frosting

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