Summer Fun

I am constantly amazed at how much there is to do here in Connecticut, or New England in general.
I am part of a playgroup that has a ton of fun in the summer. The schedule is full of activities for all ages of kids and babies; science museum, beaches, zoos, etc.

These particular pictures are from Stratton Brook Park where there is a fresh water pond that the kids love to play in. Sawyer is obsessed with water. He takes at least 2 baths a day and he lays back and try to float on his back, along with laying on his tummy and putting his face underwater to blow bubbles. Sometimes he will even lay his face to the side and put his ear underwater, just because he is fascinated with how the water changes sound.

As I said, he's obsessed.

At the pond he would dive underwater and hold his breath. I'm sure to the other moms he looked suicidal, especially since he has no fear of the water and tried to follow the older kids out to the deep end of the pond. I spent the 1 1/2 hours we were at the park following him in and out of the water trying to keep him from drowning.

We have arranged to get him swimming lessons while we are in Idaho. My parent's neighbor is a great swim teacher that holds lessons for babies 6 months and older. I'm actually really excited about it :)

Sawyer wants to interact with the older kids so badly, but he can't speak. So he tries to impress them with objects, like rocks. He found this "big rock" and walked around trying to give it to the other kids.
Sadly, they weren't impressed.

However, one little girl thought he was cute (she also thought he was a girl) and made him this pool to play in.

Another place that is within a couple miles of our apartment is a petting "farm."
The farm had all kinds of animals that we thought he'd love, but he wasn't a big fan of most of them.

He loved the pigs, mostly this little orphaned piglet.

It's been a fun summer so far. We still have a few trips planned to the coast along with some local trips to the pick-your-own orchards.
Connecticut may be far away from family, but it isn't short on fun, inexpensive things to do as a family.

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