A Blessing and a Haircut

Life with two little ones has been different, to say the least. Trying to keep up on cooking meals, cleaning, laundry, and giving each boy enough love and attention has taken up all my time leaving little or none for blogging.
I take that back.
I could blog during naptime, but let's be honest, naptime is sacred. If I have any free time during naps I sneak in a little sleep myself...

I'm counting my blessings that Calvin is the perfect little baby; he rarely cries (mostly makes primal grunts), sleeps a large chunk of the night, and started smiling and cooing at about a month old, so days are filled with his sweet coos and heart-melting smiles. I could spend all day sitting and cuddling that little guy, we love him so much! Sawyer has adjusted pretty well to having a new sibling. The only problem is that he is too young to understand the difference between gentle love and rough love. He's a work-in-progress :)

My in-laws visited us for a couple weeks and during that time we went to Newport, RI. Gosh, I love that place. Beaches, incredible old mansions, seafood. It's magical.
After we got back they helped us finished house projects, like painting and bathroom remodel. I also gave Sawyer his first haircut while they were here, I thought I would need all the help I could get. But Sawyer was so involved in his finger painting that it was a lot easier than I expected :)

At the end of their trip we all flew to Detroit to bless Calvin at the ward that Aaron served in during his mission. The church used to belong to Eastern Orthodox, so it isn't in the usual LDS building style. I wish I could have gotten pictures of the inside, but our flight left an hour and a half after the meeting ended, so I barely had time to get pictures of our family.

Sawyer pretty much bombed every family picture, this is the best one I could find :) 
Calvin was blessed in the same outfit Aaron was blessed in

Aaron's friend from his mission, Aiden, wrote a song for Calvin and Sawyer

Sawyer and his adorable (second) cousin, Penny

Overall, our life is wonderful. No news is good news, right?

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