Calvin - 6 Months

The happiest baby on the block is 6 months old today! My heart is breaking as time is slowly slipping away and I'm desperately trying to hold it tight and keep my babies just the way they are. I'm excited for them to reach new milestones, but I love just how they are, and I want them to stay their sweet little selves forever. 
Calvin thinks he needs to grow up and be like his big brother. He started sitting up at a little over 5 months old, and he started eating solids a week later. Neither of which I wanted or encouraged so soon! 
Calvin is definitely a daddy's boy, and his face lights up and physically tries to jump out of my arms whenever he sees Aaron come into the room. Calvin just doesn't do that for me. Even Sawyer recognizes it; the other day he said "Mommy and Sawyer are a family, and Daddy and Calvin are a family." 

I feel so blessed to have him part of our family, and I love that I am his mother. Sometimes my heart just aches when I see his chubby toes, or his gummy smile and I know he won't be like this forever.

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