A Texan Thanksgiving

Well, since most of the readers are Aaron's family, this may be redundant. But for everyone else, here is a recap of our Thanksgiving.

Wednesday the whole family took turns going to the San Antonio temple to do sealings. It was a very bonding experience and really made me grateful for family and the gospel. After the temple Grandpa Dave took everyone to Sea World!!! This was a hit among young and old alike. Personally, I think Aaron was the biggest fan; he was running around like a little kid (it was really cute) wanting to see everything and making plans to attack almost every attraction at the park. We got to pet sting rays (they love to be petted, who woulda thunk?), then we saw Shamu and company do a Christmas performance. After that we went on roller coasters and saw some more shows. I think everyone's favorite show was the seal/otter/walrus Christmas play. After the kids were asleep a group of adults played Mille Borne. Honestly, I was terrified since I heard a rumor going around that Aaron's siblings had made wagers on who could make me cry during Mille Borne. It was actually really fun, and even though Team Ben &Whitney dominated in the end, Aaron and I held our own throughout the game.  

The seal/otter Christmas play

As you can see, the kids LOVED Sea World
Thursday- Happy Thanksgiving! The Thanksgiving gods blessed us with a broken element in the oven. So, we were forced to get our creative juices flowing to find a way to cook a turkey. After that fiasco most everyone went to walk in the annual Turkey Trot (it was such a beautiful day!). Aaron and I created a treasure hunt for the little kids which ended up being a hilarious incarnation of "Kids Say the Darndest Things." After a delicious dinner we had a visit with Aaron's aunt and uncle and played Killer Bunnies.
After the Turkey Trot

Whitney and Stella
  Friday was the Alamo day! We mostly relaxed and explored downtown San Antonio. We went to Market Square and had some of the best Mexican food I have ever had. Aaron and I bought a sombrero for our Christmas tree and a tiny little nativity carved out of granite (I think...).  When we finally got home (the traffic was HORRIBLE) everyone just relaxed and ate (more) food.  

Saturday-Aaron is not feeling his best, but we are flying home tonight and hopefully he will be better by Monday! We walked around downtown San Antonio today, but we stayed on the Riverwalk which is now my new favorite place :) After getting home Aaron took a bath and went straight to bed. I stayed up a little longer and when I was crawling into bed Aaron said "What's your number?" I thought he was just being silly so I gave him some random numbers. As I was giving him the numbers he was poking my belly like a telephone and then said, "I, I... I can't do it. You'll have to dial the number." I asked why I was dialing a number and he replied "To have a normal life." I'm not sure what he was dreaming about, but my guess is that it involved a belly phone.

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