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Hey Ya'll!
This week wasn't too crazy. Just got back into school and we're getting ready for finals next week and then our honeymoon/vacation starting on Friday the 16th. Aaron took me to "Christmas Around the World" and I LOVED it! Isn't he just the sweetest man? He is always willing to go to my artsy stuff even if he doesn't enjoy it. He says he enjoys it because I do :)
On Saturday I worked from 7am-10am at Old Navy. Seriously, who buys clothes at 7am on Saturday? NO ONE! The rest of the day Aaron and I went grocery shopping and then he had a visit from a Detroitian and they played games while I visited my dear friend Lindsay Bills. On Sunday we went caroling to the Beehive Care Center and it was such a neat experience! I made friends with Larry, Doreen and Sarah. Aaron made friends with a man who turned out to be our Sunday School teacher's dad! What a small world. If you haven't taken the time to visit a rest home, you definitely should! The people there are so lonely and crave visitors. We had a great time making their day :)

A couple weeks ago I wrote a paper for my Parenting and Child Guidance class about how I plan to incorporate the principles I have learned into my future parenting. I loved writing this paper (probably because I don't have kids yet) and I thought that it would be neat to share some of the most important principles I learn! In case it wasn't obvious, my major is Family Life with a Family Studies emphasis. I am taking the extra classes to become a Certified Family Life Educator and sharing the knowledge I learn is not only something I love to do (as Aaron can attest to) but it is an important part of prevention. What do I mean by that? Well, it is a lot cheaper, easier, and less stressful to prevent problems than to solve them. Educators are the fence at the top of the hill while therapist are the ambulance at the bottom...

Blogging about appropriate parenting practices, how to achieve positive family relationships, and how to address issues that are common in our generation is how I can make a small difference in how people see their families. Aaron and I have had discussions about the challenges that face our generation in marriage and family. The challenges are so different than what they were in our grandparents--and even our parents--generations. There are thousands of parenting books that conflict with each other, making it almost impossible for parents to know if they are ruining their child for life or creating the perfect human being. There are also many seasoned parents that are constantly giving "foolproof" advice that guarantees all your children serving missions and being sealed in the temple (they might even be stake presidents). So what is right? What is wrong? What if the parents of those gospel-abiding children were simply given "easy" spirits? These are the questions that were plaguing me as I began to realize that I would be raising children someday. They are also part of the reason I made Family Life my major.
The principles and guidelines that I will be posting to this blog are not meant to evoke contention, but to educate. Knowledge is power! If you have a differing viewpoint that is fine, everyone has differing opinions and viewpoints; that's what makes us unique and also able to improve. However, remember that I will only post information that is from BYU curriculum, studies, etc. If you do not agree with the results of the studies or do not believe that it is correct, please refer your comments to the author or administrator of the study. They will be more able to give you information regarding their research and opinions.

I hope you enjoy the future posts. If you have questions about resources and/or books that are mentioned, I will be posting a resource list of books that are approved by the BYU Family Life division.

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