Free Tutorials

I have recently developed an intense interest in design and photography. I love looking at blogs and websites that display beautiful and creative designs and I have felt a need to learn how to do it myself.  As a result, I have been researching online tutorials and I have compiled a list of my favorites. If you are new at blogging, design, or photography these will help you get started!

Nicole's Classes
Offers tutorials with Photoshop, Illustrator, and basic design. There are quite a few free tutorials, but if you want to learn more they have courses that cost about $60.

BYU IT Training Videos
These are recordings of software classes that are offered to BYU students. I love that they are extensive and are offered for most everything (All Adobe products, Microsoft Office programs, and more!). Classes start with the basics and then move up to more advanced levels.

Polished Picture
Photoshop tutorials with free actions! I really like how she explains everything in detail (with pictures).

Don't Fear the Internet
Love, love, LOVE this website. Tons of free tutorials on how to design your personal blog and/or website. They teach you all about HTML and CSS coding (the very basics) and how to use it to make basic designs on your blog. Plus, they are absolutely hilarious.

Pugly Pixel
Once you have mastered the basics of Photoshop and Illustrator, you can move on to this website and learn more about elements of design! I love her tutorials on how to make your photos more artistic, especially how to make a collage.

If know of any other websites that offer awesome tutorials please let me know! I'm always looking for new ideas.


  1. I've used w3 schools a lot for learning html--it's great because they start so basic, and you can try everything out in an editor to see exactly how changing things affects everything.

    Also, for photoshop, I've recently discovered psdtuts+ (http://psd.tutsplus.com/tutorials/tools-tips/photoshop-beginners/). I admit--I haven't actually started into it really yet, but it looks really promising!

  2. Very cool! I want to start learning how to use photoshop!

  3. ah! pugly pixel helped me a ton when i first started blogging.
    and it's so fun to play with css. i love to go into my html/css and tweak things just to see what happens. just makes sure to always save your template! haha

    i just started following your blog (LOVE IT) btw