Blackberries for Sawyer

 Before we leave Seattle I am going to take Sawyer to all the places I love.
This place was the first.

Earlier in the summer I came to this blackberry patch when I was pregnant and I promised myself that I would bring my baby to this place before we left Seattle.
I have been patiently waiting all summer for the berries to ripen, and when Aaron's sister sent us a recipe for berry cobbler I knew it was time to take Sawyer to the blackberry patch and pick us some berries.

Sawyer laid around while I picked the berries. Afterwards, we sat on the grass, stared at the beautiful scenery, and had a mid-afternoon snack of berries and cream.

Actually, I ate the berries and he drank the cream :)


  1. He has the most angelic little face I have ever seen, so peaceful and sweet, I love that little guy!

    1. I love his little face, especially his eyes!

  2. That is so fun! What a lucky little guy!!